E. Brent Bryson now a Las Vegas NV attorney in 1982 a defendent in a murder case : Roche Lee Boyles died 8-28-1982

E. Brent Bryson what a story.  Private Investigator Tom Dillard and Bryson must look at me as a cash cow ( that is when the clients pay them). Dillard has now taken 2 clients to Bryson to respond to lawsuits I have filed, Larry Vonwald and now Tom Clarke.

It has been almost 30 years since the death of Roche Lee Boyles in 1982 Casper Wyoming, Natrona County. The fight occurred at the Hilton Inn’s Library Lounge.

From the alleged information I found, Boyles was struck on the left side of his neck with a bar glass. Bryson the lead singer in a band called “Calient” was arrested and jailed. The rest is history, Bryson beat the case and went on to be a attorney.

I will be posting more on Roche Lee Boyles and E. Brent Bryson. Prior to Boyles death he worked at the U.S. postal service in Casper Wyoming.



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