A Call for Transparency When Hiring a Lawyer

It’s a simple thing I’m asking for. It’s really a no-brainer, to put it in layman’s terms.

It’s something that attorneys ask for from their clients all the time:


Your lawyer wants full disclosure from you. They want you to hold nothing back. They don’t want to get hit with any surprises in court. That’s the last place they want to learn about something. They want all the knowledge and all the questions ahead of time. Get all the stuff out on the table that has to be dealt with, as bad as bad is, and we’ll formulate a plan to take care of it. That’s what attorneys want from their clients.

I expect nothing less from them.


I want full disclosure from attorneys. I want to know what they might be hiding away in their past that they don’t want the public to know or talk about. Go ahead and make me sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement) about the nasty stuff, and I will. But I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly.

Has an attorney had a bankruptcy in his or her past? I want to know. Do they have any sort of arrest record or criminal record? I want to know. Have they ever had a lien placed on them? I want to know. And I shouldn’t have to go digging around doing background checks on them. They should disclose those kinds of things to me confidentially, before we shake hands and enter into a business partnership.
There oughta be a law. Seriously.

If you’re sitting in front of an attorney, it’s usually for a life-changing reason. You want – you NEED – all the facts on the table so you can make an informed decision. Perhaps you’re dealing with your own bankruptcy, your own arrest, your own civil suit, a personal injury, or whatever it might be. You should know what lurks in your attorney’s background that might become an issue as you pursue your own course of legal action. There should be no surprises from your legal team.

Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that a no-brainer?


I just want full disclosure all the way around.

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Brent Bryson site launch (examined & exposed) by Steve Barket

please visit www.EBrentBrysonExamined.com


Brent Bryson EXPOSED

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Brent Bryson Las Vegas Attorney No Show in court !

Brent Bryson Las Vegas Attorney DEADBEAT

Brent Bryson a no show in his own court cases


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Las Vegas Attorney E. Brent Bryson – Tax Lien filed in the amount $133,770.38

Posted by Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada June 5th 2013

I have turned a blind eye to a guy who has gone after me several times in court, fueled by Private Investigator Tom Dillard.

3 years of research have turned up a lot about Bryson, Tax liens, no shows in court and several other stories. I am still looking at stacks of paper.

Some of the confusion in my research is the name Brent Bryson, his full name is Eric Brent Bryson. His cards say E. Brent Bryson, the name game can be confusing to say the least.

Eric Brent Bryson’s Tax Lien $133,770.00

Las Vegas Atorney Brent Bryson Tax Lien

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E. Brent Bryson now a Las Vegas NV attorney in 1982 a defendent in a murder case : Roche Lee Boyles died 8-28-1982

E. Brent Bryson what a story.  Private Investigator Tom Dillard and Bryson must look at me as a cash cow ( that is when the clients pay them). Dillard has now taken 2 clients to Bryson to respond to lawsuits I have filed, Larry Vonwald and now Tom Clarke.

It has been almost 30 years since the death of Roche Lee Boyles in 1982 Casper Wyoming, Natrona County. The fight occurred at the Hilton Inn’s Library Lounge.

From the alleged information I found, Boyles was struck on the left side of his neck with a bar glass. Bryson the lead singer in a band called “Calient” was arrested and jailed. The rest is history, Bryson beat the case and went on to be a attorney.

I will be posting more on Roche Lee Boyles and E. Brent Bryson. Prior to Boyles death he worked at the U.S. postal service in Casper Wyoming.



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John L Smith hope all goes well

With John L Smith’s announcement of his on going battle with cancer, we wish for a speedy recovery.

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Steve Barket wants to share other online website’s

We will be adding other sites to the on-line Blog to check out.


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Steven Barket Las Vegas Nv

This is my on-line news paper we will be adding more stories daily !

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John L Smith Arrested September 18th 2010 11:26pm

John Lyle Smith "Mug Shot" 9-18-10

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Las Vegas Repository’s Steve Barket examines Ex Metro Cop Tom Dillard’s checkered past

See the LVR’s affiliate site TOM DILLARD.NET, Steve Barket explores Tom Dillard’s Checkered past & influence in the Clark County Judicial System.

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